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The Path of Least Resistance

"The path of Truth is the path of least resistance."

Just like with so many things in martial arts, and in life, this idea seems counter-intuitive. Aren't we conditioned to push, strive, buffalo our way through obstacles as we pursue our goals? Isn't power all about controlling, overpowering, and winning the fight, whether that fight is with an outer element or with our own inner struggles or health?

It seems counter-intuitive, but there is great wisdom in letting down our defenses, so to speak, and allowing the truth of "least resistance" to seep in. Most people will reject the idea right away, as the Ego is powerful and only knows life through control. But if you can get past your original reaction (without judgment) and sit with the idea for a moment, you may find the wisdom of the path of Truth. The path of Truth is the knowledge that everything comes into our life for a reason, and contains a lesson for us to learn to continue growing. If we resist this lesson, then it comes back over and over again, and we realize that ultimately, we have no control, something the Ego doesn't want to hear.

"Least resistance" is much different than "inaction," and resistance in our mind translates to resistance in our body and ultimately our lives. The path of least resistance is about accepting, remaining innocent and open, and then acting calmly through love. Through flexibility, timing, and an open and calm mind, we flow with life instead of against it, and we begin to understand that pushing for change out of ego is ultimately futile. Everything has a purpose, everything has a lesson, and what we resist will persist.

So, what to do? It's too easy, really. But it's the core of Truth. Relax, accept, seek the lessons underneath, and flow, knowing that we are connected to everything around us. And as you practice on this path of "least resistance," you will find that situations, people, and circumstances around you will begin to shift for your greater and higher good. And for the greater good of the whole.

What better reason to try it?