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This past week has been a test of faith like I have never experienced. Like many other people, I thought I had experienced more than my fair share of pain, from generations of addiction to abuse to betrayal to rejection, and everything in between. I thought I had worked through so much of this with an unflinching honesty with myself and a willingness to accept, forgive myself and others, and transform the pain into love. I thought I had come to a place of peace. But this week Spirit decided it was time for me to level up, and this leveling-up involved children, both mine and yours, and required a level of grief so deep that I didn’t know how, or if, I could find my way out of it.

But I did. At least for this moment. And with the light shining brightly today, I am led to share what I know.

Our children are hurting. Every single one of them. They are living surrounded by a fear, hate, and separation that they simply can’t escape, from the non-stop bombardment of images, music, and social media to “active shooter” drills at school on a regular basis. They are disconnected from Source, and they are afraid. They are hurting themselves, and they are hurting each other. This is all of our children— your child, nephew, neighbor, babysitter. All you have to do is look at the opioid epidemic that is raging like a forest fire to see that they are in devastating pain. They are all hurting, some more than others. But they are all hurting. Every. Single. One.

Like it or not, we, you and I, have created this world of fear, hate, and separation. And our children are watching us and are absorbing and acting out on this fear, hate, and separation more than most of us are aware of and/or willing to see.

So what are we to do? How can we heal them?

The answer is always the same, no matter what the context of that question is or how many times we ask it about anything. To heal others, we must heal ourselves. We must do the hard work of going inside, owning who we are, and beginning to love ourselves. We must recognize that we are not separate and that everything, and I mean everything, is connected, and our thoughts hold as much power as our actions. We must turn inward and shine our light brighter, not dim it, to give them hope and to lead them out of the darkness we have created and they are lost in.

Will they all find their way out? No. Will we all find our way in? No. The hard part is that we can’t have any expectations as to what we think should or will happen. We must turn inward and work on our own light and simultaneously let go.

The truth is that this is all we can do. And it is enough. Because it’s all there is.

And it truly is our, and their, only hope.

Paula MartinComment