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To all of my friends:

those I've recently had the pleasure of meeting,
those I've known for years,
those I've not yet met,
those I won't get to meet in this lifetime:

I love you.

It doesn't matter where you came from 
or where you are going, 
your age, gender, ethnicity, 
nationality, race, or religion.

I love you.

It's not important what you have done
or left undone, 
the wins, the triumphs,
the mistakes, the regrets.

I love you.

It makes no difference the shade of your skin
or the flecks of color in your eyes, 
your height, weight, or the beautiful lines
tracing stories across your cheeks.

I love you.

And in case you didn't know
or you have begun to doubt 
in your ability 
to light up the world,

I wanted to remind you that
you are magnificent,
you are majestic,
you are breathtaking.

And I love you.

PoetryPaula MartinComment