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Wonder Girlz

Senpai Annaliese at Age 8

Senpai Annaliese at Age 8

Wonder Girlz

A Martial Arts Program Empowering Girls Inside and Out

Based on the Vietnamese Mixed Martial Art Cuong Nhu, Wonder Girlz is a 4-week program for girls ages 8-12 that focuses on the balance of girls' self-confidence and inner strength with exercising their outer body so that the seeds are planted for the empowered lives they deserve. They are nurtured, honored, and treated with respect so that they come to know how smart, strong, and special they truly are. With an emphasis on integrity, compassion, courage, and responsibility, each class will include games, character-building exercises, creative expression, art, traditional karate forms, and lots of fun and laughter. The girls will learn basic self-defense and see how hard work can make them strong inside and out, which empowers them to tap into their own creativity and self-worth.

Ideal for all girls regardless of athletic experience.

8 classes. $180 and includes Wonder Girlz T-shirt

Limited to 10 girls

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About the Mother and Daughter Instructors

Sensei Paula Martin started Cuong Nhu at the age of 43 and earned her black belt two months before her 50th birthday. At 51, she is now a Shodan (first degree black belt). She is also an award-winning writer and teacher who has been teaching creative writing and arts classes to kids and adults for over 25 years.


Sensei Sophia Morell started Cuong Nhu at the age of 5 and earned her black belt last year at 14 years old, making her one of the youngest senseis in the whole international style. At 15, she is now a Shodan (first degree black belt). Her background also includes gymnastics, art, and a love for K-Pop.