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Croning Circles

 Celebrating the Wisdom, Beauty, and Voice of Elder Women

Inspired by Paula Martin's new book of poetry, CRONING, women of all ages are invited to join our CRONING CIRCLE at the Esse Center, a beautiful new addition to the Esse Purse Museum, to celebrate and honor women in the third stage of their lives (age 50+) in a sacred space. Paula will open the circle with a guided meditation, and then read from her new book, and elder women will be encouraged to read their own work, tell their own stories, discuss, and share. Elder women may also be honored in other ways, including song, movement, spiritual ceremony, and more. Younger women are welcome and very much encouraged to come and listen, but not to read or teach in any way. Just as traditional cultures understood, this is a time for honoring and revering elders and listening to those who came before.

Weekly at the Esse Center (Esse Purse Museum), SOMA District, Little Rock, AR
First, Second, and Third Wednesday, 1:30-3:00pm*

Fourth and Fifth Wednesday, 6:00-7:30pm*
Energetic Exchange is $10-$20 depending on each woman's abundance
Space is limited to 12, Pre-Register by emailing Please include your name and the date you are registering for with your payment.

*Doors will close a half hour after we start, when we open the circle at 6:30pm (Fourth and Fifth Wednesday), and 2:00pm (First, Second, and Third Wednesday). We will not be able to allow anyone in after that time, so please arrive on time.

(Private Croning Circles also available for you to host at your home. Contact Paula for more information:

Paula Marie Martin is an award-winning writer, teacher and healer who has been helping people tap into their own divine essence for over 25 years. Along with teaching creative writing, spiritual expression, and arts classes, her background includes extensive mentorships in shamanism and new-paradigm healing, attunement in Usui Reiki Level III, Shodan (first degree black belt) in Cuong Nhu Martial Arts, and years of practicing multiple spiritual pathways and meditation.